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1.also subscribe to each products reddit, i find that reddit has more in depth news, while telegram i more immediate information. However project telegram quality is not that good. This site posts quality unbiased articles with great Technical Analysis on coins that are in the top 50.  you can get a lot of current information from the cryptographic world Twitter in addition to the equipment and the chip economy and if there is a real use case for it. 

2.I look forward to the implementation of the Lightning network, cosmos, chainlink. who try to provide solutions for blockchain problems .m annoyed with amazon , eBay stealing user data and and selling it to other company or using them to target advertisement back to us. Also there a lot of untrusted sellers on Amazon that scam us. 'm looking closely at projects that try to provide solutions for blockchain problems and I've been reading good things about SophiaTX

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1.Low trading and withdrawal fees and also very high liquidity , security of the funds in the exchange are some of the main features on an exchange .So, the most importance is belief. If an exchange can make people believe in it, people feel this exchange is security, trustworthy, and full of information of founder, co-founder, team... For me, its security is the first most importance. I think some of the most important features focus on developer api's since most trading tools can't handle the complexity needed with many algorithmic trading strategies easily. Security such as 2FA is a must as is the ability to get upload/download private keys. 

2.They are starting a marketing blitz soon and could be good coin to list. Zcash is also a good one to follwo but you already are doing that one good to see. I would like to have at least the top 20 Cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarket, so to increase users, transactions, volume and liquidity. Do you think about Doge, it has a long history and people like low value coins, they have large amount.

uid: 10353156

  1. What is the point of having public transactions? I am much more interested in trading/using ZEC now that I am aware of the privacy aspect. In life privacy is something very precious, so it is something to be jealous of; for this reason I think that the existence of private currencies is a very good thing because they give us that security when making our transactions and cudan our assets in addition to preventing the user from being harmed by an external.

  2. loved the idea of decentralization and markets that do not bend to all the vagaries of government and regulation. However, throughout my learning in the cryptographic space, I have seen many scams and shady actions in the market. This made me more welcoming of the markets being us. It's very important to me that the digital currency markets I use are US compliant as I am a US citizen and want to abide by the law not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of crypto as a whole as it may be looked upon more favorably when regulated.

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