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i like most of all

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Asking that girl out, even if youre rejected you will never think what if.

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Hearing my mom say im a handsome guy and girls would be lucky to be with me

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Motherfucking teeth.

The rest of the body works damn well--self-repairing, resistant to tears and stains, adaptible and flexible. Teeth are none of these things. They're so bad that the first time your body makes them it's like "oops, fucked that one up, these are way too fragile," so it ejects them and tries again--except this time it's so obsessed with making them sturdy that it doesn't bother making sure they're straight, so most people end up with mouths full of snaggly ceramic that has to be literally reined in with metal.

On top of that, it couldn't be all one big piece or have big enough spaces for food to fall through. Nope, had to be tiny little crevices that are impossible to get to without spelunking equipment and that are the perfect combination of warm, moist and dark for all sorts of nasty bacteria to grow.

So you'd think the body could repeat its trick from earlier and grow a new set having learned from its mistakes, right? Nope. You're stuck with Attempt #2 forever, and when those ones fall out you're done. Hope you like dentures.

Fuck teeth.

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