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It sounds like you want to be around people that are interested in talking about mental health and psychosocial issues. Maybe group therapy would be a good fit?

Might I recommend an alternate suggestion? As an ecotherapist, I often work in nature with people experiencing loneliness and depression. Many people report feeling connected and less lonely in nature - as they tap into the interconnectedness of all things. Maybe spending time outside could help you learn from your innate wisdom and nature’s wisdom.

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At a student house I lived in, we didn't get given a lawnmower and none of us wanted to buy one as we didn't spend too much time there, and the garden got crazy overgrown.

First it was all just ugly weeds, but soon wildflowers and tall grasses started to grow, and I have never seen so many bee's in a small area in my life. It was really amazing, and I think it should be a thing to have a small, completely untouched section in peoples gardens.

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Awesome - lawns are generally horrible for the environment as they are not very biologically diverse. I would love to have all Wild yards!

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