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He pressured sessions enough to fire him 2 days before he gets his pension. He feels emboldened, he's going to go after Mueller and then claim all evidence is bias or invalid somehow. Block all info from getting out and use fox news to smear everything and everyone.

That's the angle I see him going for anyway.

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Sessions confuses me. Trump has made fun of him; bulllied him on Twitter; and humiliated him at every turn. Yet Sessions keeps doing his bidding. I certainly don't like Sessions but he had his own long career as an Alabama senator. He could've told Trump to F off and at least kept his reputation as his own independent man. Instead he's proven to be yet another one of Trump's yes-men and they'll all be tossed on the trash heap of history.

What if;

1.) Sessions has also been making memos of his conversations with Trump.

2.) Being ordered to fire McCabe isn't technically illegal; except in the context of witness intimidation.

3.) Sessions is giving Trump the rope to hang himself?

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I won't be surprised if there is a Deep Throat currently in the administration. I'd be quite surprised if it's Sessions. Firing this McCabe guy one day before his retirement was obviously petty and political. He could've refused to do it and actually made Trump look better. But this administration has more plot twists than Game of Thrones. Who the hell knows?

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Maybe if I was advising the president,” Hannity said — as if such a relationship were hypothetical — “I'd say, 'Let this investigation go forward.' We're probably coming to the end of it, if I had to render a guess. And it would be in his best interest, probably, not to comment.”

Will Trump heed the advice of his top advisor, Sean Hannity.

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I think that Trump's panic attacks are because he fears Mueller is ready to knock down the house of cards that hold up the Trump organization - all the money laundering, mafia connections, lawsuits, hundreds of LLC's, and ill-gotten gains. He is worried not just about losing the Presidency; but about his entire gold-plated empire. Even Hannity probably doesn't know all those details.

Funny how most of us can get through life without ever being tied to a single fraudster and yet someone, poor Donald Trump and family seem to run into fraudsters, mafia, money launderers, crooks, criminals, and corruption at every turn...

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Reminds me how a former Obama official said how none of Obama's officials ever hired lawyers because they never needed a lawyer.

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