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Sure, its not nice and creates a mess, but holy shit how much of a wimp do you have to be to think being egged is violence. If you egg someone, you should have to buy them new clothes, because ruining their clothes is literally the only damage that was done. Kids do this shit on halloween and to their friends, its a dick move but its not violent. The only time you could maybe consider it violent is if you egged a vegan, because the yolk might burn through their skin, but that's it.


It’s not a fallacy tho. Slippery slope fallacy pertains to illogical uncorrelated escalations the best example being if we allow gay marriage then pedophilia will be legalized. Completely unfounded and illogical as they are not even related

“Logic and critical thinking textbooks typically discuss slippery slope arguments as a form of fallacy but usually acknowledge that "slippery slope arguments can be good ones if the slope is real—that is, if there is good evidence that the consequences of the initial action are highly likely to occur. The strength of the argument depends on two factors. The first is the strength of each link in the causal chain; the argument cannot be stronger than its weakest link. The second is the number of links; the more links there are, the more likely it is that other factors could alter the consequences."

HOWEVER violence absolutely escalates especially political violence we know this to be true. From the fascist clashes in Germany in the 30s to even America ore revolution. It is a logical predictable escalation.

EDIT I didn’t go from egging to killing stop being disingenuous. I followed logical PROVEN (direct example of trump supporter assault progression) escalation of violence.

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but egging isn't violence, see my original post

It’s assault.... it’s completely violent in nature. It’s using physical force against someone. Intent was clear it’s not even debatable 100% violence maliciously throwing something at someone you disagree with and are angry with. 100% clear cut.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

nope its just cracking an egg on someone and making a mess, not violent

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