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Well, with the latest DMA release, I'm thinking "so keep ned by you" is relevant.

However I do seem to think that maybe Ned is his writing process? His creativity doesn't want to seem to come out, he has to fight for it, has to look for chemicals, toxic things to help it out. In the end Tyler is completely tired as if he has been drained creatively, yet Ned is still by his side and he still wants to feed it.

Just my hot take.

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this is a really good idea , if we’re going with this idea and the chlorine or toxic chemicals support ned, ned grows stronger in the pool . i noticed that when ned is swimming in the pool that he has horns, but never has them at any other point when he’s not swimming . he needs the chemicals in order to grow and without them he’s diminished back to what he once was

hey guys!! you both inspire me so much and i cannot thank you enough for that. my question is, how did you know that music was the right way for you to express what was inside and how did you start writing?

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