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Is PVB really strong??

How likely is it that GAM makes it to worlds? Do they even have any championship points from spring?

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I think GAM will go to world this summer beside PVB, in spring split although there is no Levi, GAM is the only team to defeat PVB. with crazy strategy GAM will show up again, trust me

I remember that MSI 2017 Lyon gaming is a big team in playin, are lyongaming and isurus gaming same region???

Bombers: Hey we are bombers we will detroy all your turtle PVB: hmmmmmm what did you say??

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This SUP got mid and support upgrade(frozen and wolf) and FB 5-0 them in league. Also even SUP being dominant in domestic league, they choke hard in international events ALWAYS. While FB only attanded 1 worlds, their performance was best for TCL history. That being said I personally think PVB is better than FB. But the difference is not huge so we will see some close games. Wish they were in different groups so we could compare them with FW too.

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No EVoS this year is supper strong with new mid lane and Supper adcarry Noway, i think noway have same level with FB and PVB have a different level

I obviously do, but PVB has still a worse record than FW with that... It's more like FW lost their mind at this moment than PVB suddenly playing good.

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Cuz of PVB have no exp that time. PVB will be so strong this year

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No matter what TL will get out playin And make to top 4

I Think: Pool 1: VCS, TCL Pool 2: JPL, OPL, LAT, CIS Pool3: CBLOL, LST Brazil seem really weak this year and Sea is the weakest region for sure

I wouldn't put Japan in pool 2 though, in terms of results they are the worst region(4 W - 20L at MSI and Worlds in the last 2 years)

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Yeah that because riot put LST in pool 1. My oppinion is the true power, Japan is really good this year and i think 2 weakest team is brazil and sea. Because GAM success at MSI 2017( vietnam still in sea at this time) so they are putted in pool 1

Thats correct, the 2017 format, with this you have the chance of having 2 minor regions. The thing is, you either face TL/TSM or MAD/FW. I put a coin lose to NA and defeat LMS in the first round, and 2nd round defeat LMS again. It’s the only possible scenario I can imagine of 2 minor regions going on.

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I want to know if NA vs VN again who will win

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