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Yup that was just my most recent one , A few years back I met a girl we went out a couple of times it felt like we were about to hit it off until I went to a family bbq and she was there ,I was talking to her and then our parents come and she turns out to be my second cousin .

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sweet home Alabama

I’ll be tracer

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I’m already tracer


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too bad I already spent almost a hundred bucks on a eliminator ,that does the same thing as this thing

I’ve seen them online but I thought they were just complete crap

You do know that This is actually what they want right? Maybe you get to make your little show and all but that will just make them think all Pakistani are trouble it’s better to show them you are a better person not going down to their level, but it’s just my thought as a minority that lives and grew up surrounded by whites. I once had a teacher put me as a landscaper at a job fair project while everyone got engineer,architect and doctor assignments . but I didint rant or go off at him ,now I see him at Walmart sometimes and I just wave at him from my brand new Silverado while he still rides a corolla 🤷‍♂️

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😂😂😂 that is probably the best way to prove them wrong

But I agree everyone pays the price for one ☝️ person

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