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Uhh that’s 180 Wings JUST because of feedback that’s crazy.

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Pretty typical of Cygames to go all out on apolo-items. One of the best parts of playing GBF was seeing free Crystals (Wyrmite) in your box every few days for some minor inconvenience


All my life I was propped up as being so incredibly intelligent and smart and was going to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month working with computers. I graduated high school, barely, with a low 2.X GPA. Never held a steady job. Got kicked out of the military during my technical training because I couldn't pass the tests. Lived with my dad for 3 years under his dime, working 20 hours a week making pizzas for 9 bucks an hour before nearly killing myself and having to be saved by my younger brother (who has accomplished so much in his life despite being the 'problem child' when we were growing up, i still get upset thinking about how my mom treated him as a teenager) dragging me back to my home town and helping me move in with my mom who's paying for me to go to community college for a CS degree since she thinks it's what I need to get my life back together. Now I can barely keep up with the assignments and every time i score low on a test i get screamed at for hours about how i'm not allowed to fail and how i'm soooo smart and intelligent and college should be a sinch for me. I've screamed back about how I'm not smart, I'm not gifted, I just want to be treated normally for once in my life but it doesn't matter, none of it gets through. "You're talented, I watched you grow up , I'm your mom I know this.". and it's not like i can fight back against her expectations since she's supporting me financially and has already threatened to kick me out several times and leave me on the streets if i don't get my act together. i feel so stunted in my mindset, like i should have my life figured out right now and i should be brimming with motivation to get things done but i'm trapped at what feels like 18 years old and i can't figure anything out and i can't do anything for myself, i have to be constantly be babied and hounded to do anything because everything i try to do on my own i fail at spectacularly

Honestly nothing hurts more than feeling like you never aged mentally past 18 years old and you only have a few years left before you turn 30 and knowing that you're going to fail yet again at this thing you're expected to pass. I hope my mother kicks me out of her house so i can go die somewhere in peace sometimes

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i'm somewhat new to reddit so i hope this isn't bad form to reply to your own post but i called my younger brother last night through tears while basically reiterating everything i said here.

he picked me up and drove us to the only 24-hour mcdonald's in town, bought both of us ice cream and just let me cry it out in his car in the partking lot for i don't even remember how long before telling me stories about how he looked up to me when we were kids and how he, my successful electrician of a younger brother, looks up to me to this day

you can't pick your family and i'm so lucky he's my brother but after that experience and reading all the comments you guys have left here i feel less alone now, still a mess, but not a totally lonely one, thank you so much, i don't know where my mind would be at today if i didn't let it out here

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i don't have much money or even a car i don't know how i'd survive as appealing as this sounds

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