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Do you drink enough water?

Coffee is a diuretic, so it'll dehydrate you becuase you're peeing more often. If you don't replenish your body with enough water it will leave you very fatigued.

Also as previously mentioned, if you're drinking coffee later in the day it could be affecting your sleep.

It's a joke. He does it at every show. I know I'm being a dick but people are always posting videos and pics like "omg he said this". Every show is almost the exact same script. Every little bit of banter is the same.

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I completely agree, you are most certainly a dick and TF's banter is almost always the same, with that being said, its always a fun time. I've seen them 5 times going on 6, this Friday. I've never thought it was a bad thing, not everyone has seen them more than once. So chill out, no need to be a fucking stick in the mud.

I read somewhere that he was bummed about missing Tipper, so I would assume it has something to do with that, hopefully he doesn't end up getting moved up too early in the day though.

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I would assume so too, I just hope it doesn't create another conflict for me

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The only conflict I had all weekend was Jamiroquai/Jade/CloZee, I'm seeing Jade in Atlanta in December so I wasn't too terribly bummed about it, but still.

Well the app was updated on October 12th last year, at least for Android. So the chances are pretty good that it will be updated within the week.

Also had the same issue, seems to be with ID's with numbers in them, not just letters. I waited a day and it finally worked. If all else fails you can always contact festival ticketing.

If I remember correctly, you need to use separate email addresses for each band.

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This is absolutely correct, unfortunately I had this same problem and used two totally different emails. I waited until the next day and it finally worked, not sure what happened but that was my experience.

I had the same thing happen to me, actually. I waited a day and sure enough it let me do it the next day. I would try it again tomorrow and if it still doesn't work contact someone at festivalticketing, they're the company distributing the wristbands.


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