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Farmers union iced coffee

This is kinda ridiculous. State governments managed to survive when stamp duty was 1% of fuck all - if they got addicted to the rivers of free money so be it but they should have realised the good times don’t last forever!

$30 a month isn’t too bad at all for comprehensive.

Edited to add: for reference I think our 3P is about $20 a month!

Yes, we have the hole in the ozone layer which means the sun is a lot stronger here. For reference, I have fair skin and don’t need to apply sunscreen when travelling in Europe (unless I’m spending the whole day at the beach or something)...I have gotten blisters that have had to have anaesthetic spray to calm the pain down doing the same thing here in my younger dumber days. Definitely apply sunscreen!!!

PS you can always tell the tourists from their horrible sunburn too ;)

Automate all the businesses?

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Small producers simply don't have the land or ability to maintain large stocks to flood the market. As the very person in this article notes, they don't have the water, feed or capital to maintain the ten that they did have, let alone many more.

Your argument is the same kind of argument that power companies use against household solar; small energy producers will oversupply the market and end up crippling it. Its bullshit. You'd need a lot more small producers than is realistic and they would need to be the primary sources for larger industries, which they never will be. Because larger industries will always prefer to deal with one supplier than one hundred as it would position them to better fix their price point. Its that the grocers set a retail price point which necessitates abattoirs to set a price point which is simply impossible for small producers to survive off.

At the mid-level the issue becomes that Wesfarmers owns both landmark and Coles. Wesfarmers use landmark to set the saleyard price index and Coles to set the retail price. In contradiction to your statement, in many instances the middle-persons between the farmer and the grocer are both owned by Wesfarmers. Hell, Wesfarmers and Elders jointly control stakes in most of Australia's major abattoirs as well.

Elders uses its property retail to set the prices on large cattle-capable landholdings, Elders and Wesfarmers use their control of stockyards to control cattle prices, Elders and Wesfarmers use their control of abattoirs to set wholesale meat prices, and Wesfarmers use their retail to set the price of retail meat prices. There is no room for small producers to function in that economy.

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FYI, Wesfarmers don’t own either Landmark (haven’t for 16 years) OR Coles any more (since last year) and never owned both at the same time

Ugh, not sad that people who bid up the price of shelter well beyond what normal people can afford to pay, thus addicting the economy to this bubble (selling the same piece of land to each other for higher and higher prices with no value add and people devoting an ever increasing share of wallet to housing costs) are finally getting their fingers burnt.

I do understand what he means about property being tangible in the last para though. It’s why it’s such an appealing investment for people, even though on face value alone a fully franked dividend paying a 5% yield is a far superior to 2-3% gross yield on property.

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Still researching. But I'm most likely only in the area 2-3 days. And Sherbrooke or green nature is a focus.

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Definitely don’t stay in Dandenong. Look at hotels in the hills if you want to stay closer to the Dandenongs, try Belgrave, Olinda, Sassafras in your search terms

Catch the train to Belgrave from the city and Uber or bus it from there

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