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I have turned very ugly. I am a young woman in her early 20's. I was very pretty earlier. Stories about my beauty were far reached. Then i started to step into the world of drugs. It was very magical at first. But slowly i started trying out harder drugs. Heroin, Crystal Meth, Opiates. I did it all, almost all day every day.

Me and my best friend. Now she is a girl who's been with me throughout high school. And well, she didn't exactly have the best reputation in my school and vicinity. She is not actually hot or pretty, but very promiscuous and basically will sleep with even a vibrating broomstick. I figured her behaviour is mainly due to the fact that she is not pretty and insecure and so needs to make up for it in other ways. So anyways , she is my partner in these drug binges. We go . to real shady and filled with losers clubs on weekends and indulge in these things. We both go to college for art degrees. which is basically useless in the real anyway. I'm so fucked. Also i think I still love my ex. he wants to be a successful musician. the only issue is, he's not actually any good at it. He doesn't really have the skill, or the look to make it anywhere near the big leagues. But I don't know how to say it to him. My whole life is a mess. I have turned into a junkie.I started to notice that my once good looks were slowly but surely fading away.My face looks puffed up and swollen at all times. I always had a terrible jawline but now its literally not noticeable. Boys would come up to me and point to their friends and say like, "He wants to go out with you." Then they'd laugh and run away. I also had things thrown at my hair. All my friends speak ill about me behind my back. I have them make snide remarks whenever I am around.

Girls who were my friends while growing up have started to age better than me. My personality is also a very dull one, I don't have any specific interests of my mine so i just latch onto my friend's interests or just copy the current in trend in the hopes to blend in. shouldn't be too hard considering ugliness is always easy to blend. Im just a miserable loser. Thanks for reading.

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