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I haven't played a MH since the PS2 original. All of my hours I spent back 14+ years ago, all of that muscle memory, was applied to my first weapon, the greatsword. It was like I was playing the same game all over again. The same mechanics from the first game exist, plus so many more great layers to the game.

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Oh the memories of trying to beat the rathalos on the first ps2 game. I still have PTSD

When you need to select your birth year online and it takes longer and longer to scroll down, also some teenagers I work with were born after 2000 which still surprises me.

I operate self serve and people need to understand that it's not the operator who chose to have them installed, I don't mind them but I go to work depressed at times because I will get attacked by customers all day telling me they will never shop with us again or I will loose my job you watch, if you choose to use one please be polite to the operator, if you wish to voice your concern just politely ask to speak to someone higher or contact support. Attacking the operator is like death by a thousand cuts.

I dunno, I've seen someone have constant errors and throw a temper tantrum like a five year old, but when I walk up to it and use it, everything miraculously works well.

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I operate self serve and 9 times out of 10 the problem isn't the machine it's people unable to follow really easy UI instructions. We have a large button for card and cash payments and a small button for other payment options, the amount of people who press other options and stand starring at the screen looking for card payment is bewildering.

We get similar things happen where I work and you totally handled that well, just remember they couldn't care less about you so don't let their actions ruin your day, the perks of retail, it'll happen again and it'll get easier to write them off

Mine retired 1 month ago, poor thing kept spitting the disc out, I couldn't put it down so now it lives it's well earned rest on my shelf

Be nice to retail and hospitality workers, their day is worse than yours and they can still manage a smile

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