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I would keep my eye out for an not yet released game on the rise called, "Ashes of Creation". The community style that the developers are going for really require involvement of the community among each other in one region and among each other entirely. There will be a vast amount of community required events and mechanics because if there is no cooperation the there will be devastating consequences when certain events arise. I recommend checking it out due to it's unique gameplay and mechanics among any other MMORPG currently on the market.

7DTD is an open world sandbox zombie survival game that pits you against nature, zombies and quite possibly other players. With constant development and a keen staff, Fun Pimps is always trying to bring new content to the table in their Alpha game to please you, the player. With multiple biomes ranging from the blistering desert biome to the bone chilling snow biome the strategic choice is all up to you where you call home. Build or Bogart a home of your own and with the large amount of materials that allow you to fortify the house, you can rest easy inside your house knowing that the traps you laid out yourself are keeping the zombies at bay, for now. Sound, smell and visual discipline will be part of your everyday routine as you scavenge the lands for precious resources but don't be caught outside far from home at night. The night time is when the zombies become feral and the chase will begin if you are spotted or smelled. Become allies or enemies with fellow players as you fight for your survival against the hordes of zombies. If you think that's crazy so far, you should wait until you see what happens on the 7th day.

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