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Arrested Development - Season 5 Part 2 Discussion

Arrested Development

Premise: The second half of the fifth season of the comedy series finds members of the Bluth family on trial and in trouble financially.

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Anything after season 3 wasn't the same due to the simple fact that they couldn't get the entire cast in a single room anymore.

It definitely didn't help being canceled for like 10 years but whatever.

The writing tried to play off it's own inside jokes and nostalgia until it was beating a dead horse. Kinda like a old high school star turned deadbeat.

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Is the resolution on Netflix superlow for anyone else? I've got eh HD plan and everything else is 1080p.

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Pretty fucking sad and telling that this came out with little fanfare on reddit. I remember when it was first coming back it was such an enourmous deal here, but season 4 (which I liked) ended up taking the wind out of the sails. It's never been able to recapture it. RIP Arrested Development.

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I realized that when I got giddy with the idea of being the first to post the trailer since I hadn't seen it on the front page...

Nope... Wasn't on the front page but it was certainly posted... I'm not sure if it even cracked 1k upvotes, I was so taken back.

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Oh shit is this out now? Fuck! And I'm not tired either! Gonna be hella sleepy at work tomorrow.

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