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Love, Death & Robots - Series Premiere Discussion

Love, Death & Robots

Premise: The animated anthology series (inspired by 1970s comic books) from David Fincher and Tim Miller features 18 episodes that range from five to 15 minutes long.

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I just saw this and didn’t like it at all. The animation was cool, but the plot was unidimensional and cliche. It was going mostly for shock value and lacked substance.

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Anyone else old enough to remember the 1981 movie Heavy Metal? Very reminiscent, from the anthology format to the varied animation styles.

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The writing was really varied and the directing quality varied however the artistic styles are top notch. We need some artistic shorts for new creatives to try out new ideas and cut their teeth. We need more!

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What the fuck was, "Fish Night?!" For such a great series, it was an AWFUL episode.

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I thought it ended too fast. I wanted to see the dad (?) camp out for days or weeks or years training and developing his mind body and spirit just waiting for the next time that happens to destroy the shark that kobayashi'd the kid. Now thats what im lookin for

level 2

I saw it as a retelling of Icarus.

Father/Son. Son flies too high. Son eats it.

Pretty cool.

level 3

I definitely see what they were going for, but it felt like the retelling of that story was just a reskin with no content. It was animated beautifully, but I didn't feel like there was enough (or any) connection with the characters so the "pay off" didn't hit home enough for me, but I am glad that you enjoyed it!

level 4

I think I actually agree. I wrote that comment still riding the high I got from "Helping Hand."

The desert ghosts were too spontaneous.

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I'm only 8 episodes in and The Witness is one of my least favorite episodes so far but it also has my favorite moment in all the episodes so far.

"Oh you're not a member? That's okay, so, do ya wanNA SEE SOME PUSSAY?!"

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12 points · 1 month ago

The Witness is weird for me in that it's objectively pretty bad: Incredibly oversexualized, twist is predictable and pretty gaga, story pretty non-existent other than that.

But at the same time this is the episode that got me hooked into the series. Art style and visuals are amazing and, to me, the best of all episodes. We know very little about what's going on, and it feels we know even less after - a welcome change to the very traditional story telling 101 of the other episodes. Even though the ending is sort of non-sense, i like that it doesn't even attempt to explain. It just is. It's fast paced, chaotic, twisted, highly stylized, raw and cynical. And it's almost not even sci-fi but an exaggerated view of how messed up society already is, especially regarding sex (work). It was just too much stupid fun for me to not like it.

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Does anybody know what's up with the separated hands constantly showing up within the shorts??

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damn i can't wait for spicy "theories" with this one !

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21 points · 1 month ago

Dude. Like. What a little pussy BITCH. What's wrong with fucking an alien spider chick?


SHE LOVED YOU enough to show you the TRUTH. And you SCREAM AT HER.

What a lil BITCH.



If I woke up and my girlfriend told me. "UR BEING FED A SIMULATION IM ACTUALLY AN ALIEN SPIDER THING IRL CUS THE ALTERNATIVE IS YOU JUST DIEING IN SPACE ALONE" I'd be like, "put me back in the simulation babe and let's have sex on the BEACH."

like what a BITCH.

level 2

YO THANK YOU. Like they just play that moment like we're supposed to just be like "eeeeww that alien is soooo gross and scary". I mean it kind of is, but from most of what we see it's also a nice fucking alien that's dedicating it's life to making the best out of a terrible situation, and not even terrible for itself, but for the random monkeys space is chucking into its home. At least have a chat with the thing. I mean the only bad thing we see it do is the whole deception part, but it's only doing that because apparently everybody they've ended up with is too simple to do anything but yell and scream at the weird looking alien. Which honestly seems more like the writer's fault than the alien's. I mean for gods sake the whole situation is just as weird for the alien and you don't see it throwing a fit because these intruders look weird.

level 3

I kinda got the feeling she was feeding off of them in some way. It didn't look like they just accidentally got suspended in her web

level 4

I've read the original story, the alien isn't feeding off of him.

Alastair Reynolds the the best sci fi writer in the business at the moment, in my opinion.

House of Suns by him is an awesome stand alone story, Revelation Space is an mind stretching journey 9 books in the making and Diamond unsettling.....

level 5

Any more insight on that? It seemed very much like the alien was manipulating their tracking in order to catch them in the web. For what purpose I don't know thoug

level 6

Ok, I reread the story.

Alien is never "shown" just described as bugs and a web is implied.

Dialog makes it clear it was an accident, and everybody got stuck there.

level 4

What gave you that feeling though? I don't think anything actually happens to suggest that. The only thing I can think of is the part where he wakes up emaciated, but that's not really proof since they'd probably be emaciated regardless, and really if he's cattle to this creature, well, we feed cattle, don't we?

So unless I'm forgetting something, how much of that feeling just comes from the episode being shot like horror, the alien looking like a spider and their home looking like a web, and the main character's over reaction? None of which mind you are things that should stop the main character from chatting with the alien.

And I think there's a decent amount in there to suggest that she isn't feeding on him. Like why is she willing to wake him up or even begin to be honest with him if it's just a predator prey situation? Why isn't he physically restrained in some way?

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I loved every bit of this series. My favorites are "The Witness" and "Beyond The Aqualia Rift". Every episode is a 5/5 for me.

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13 points · 1 month ago

Just watched Episode one, Don't understand the hate at all, I haven't been surprised by a plot twist in a movie / TV show for a long time, maybe for Americans the voicing is weird but I'm a Brit so

level 2

Where is the hate? on reddit?

level 2

Didn't know there was any hate. Voices were fine for me as well as a yankee. At first I was convinced it was a tech demo for cgi pornography, but I just finished the whole series and quite enjoyed it.

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