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Season 38 Castaway Assessments
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Edge of Extinction Castaway Assessments | Keith Sowell & Chris Underwood

In anticipation of the premiere of Survivor: Edge of Extinction we will be making a stickied post over the next nine days to discuss two contestants a day. These threads will provide a resource for everyone to get to know the contestants better before seeing them on our televisions.

Please give your opinions, predictions, impressions or whatever else you’d like to share about Keith and Chris in this thread. We will save it as a ‘time capsule’ and link back after they are eliminated (or named Sole Survivor) to see how opinions have changed.

Age: 19

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Current residence: Durham, North Carolina

Occupation: Pre-Med Student

Tribe: Manu

CBS Bio | Twitter Video

Age: 25

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Current residence: Greenville, South Carolina

Occupation: District Sales Manager

Tribe: Manu

CBS Bio | Twitter Video

You can check out the other contestants in our Castaway Assessments Hub

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level 1
20 points · 3 months ago

Keith is my pick for first boot lol I’d hate to see it but if he seriously can’t swim, that might just be enough to lose the first immunity challenge and put a massive target on his back. If not then, probably soon after.

Chris seems like a pick to go deep but I could see him going early too, it really depends on his performances in challenges. He’s one of my biggest question marks heading into this season.

level 2
7 points · 3 months ago

Luckily for Keith, the first immunity challenge doesn’t involve swimming.

level 1
11 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I hope Keith leaves a bigger impact than I expect him to do. I've said this before about other newbies in this cast, but Keith is probably the one I most hope will subvert my expectations. Based on everything I've seen & heard from him I'm genuinely interested in seeing how he plays. I like his quirkiness & I like the fact he wants to go into the season owning the fact that he's only 19 years old. It's quite refreshing to hear about a sub-21 castaway who doesn't plan to lie about his age.

That being said though there are things that worry me about Keith. One of the most prominent red flags is the fact that he doesn't know how to swim according to Probst. That is a huge mark against him. Also, his age is gonna be a thing against him whether he owns the fact he's 19 or not upfront. Both due to his own lack of life experiences, but also due to perception there likely will be regarding Keith. I don't think many people would think very highly of a 19-year-old out on Survivor unless they really showed that they aren't just coasting along & that's what I think is gonna be Keith's biggest obstacle outside of his lack of swimming skills. He needs to show why he's deserving to win the game despite his age should he make it to the end. Because a fair amount of people will see him as a kid going into this whether he likes it or not & not a lot would give 1 million dollars to a kid over an adult.

As for Chris, I've decided to make him my winner pick. I don't know how to describe it completely, but I'm just drawn to him in most of the interviews I've seen him. In my opinion, he kind of has the same attitude as Wardog has. That he comes across as very confident in himself, where it almost teeters on the verge of arrogance, but He also seems to have a bit of goofy charm/laidback demeanor that Wardog doesn't have. Which is why I'm more confident in Chris winning due to having that demeanor around him that Wardog lacks. Along with the fact Chris also seemingly seems to be a big fan. Not something you would expect gazing your eyes on him at first. Think he might be smarter than what first impressions lead on (though that could of course just be hopeful rationalization on my part now that I have committed to Chris being my winner pick)

level 1
6 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Keith is really sweet, but man, that swimming thing... I really can't picture him getting him through the tribe stage without being extremely smart about his challenge strategy and having some luck on top of that.

Chris is my winner pick. I'm still not sure why :)) He's quite an interesting fellow, confident and nerdy at the same time, charming and goofy, a huge fan and yet "green" enough to not know humility goes a long way in this game... I can't wait to see what he does.

level 2

I'm going to pick Chris as well for winner. He's going to be one of those players that gets around to forming connections with everyone and uses those social connections to constantly be aware of everything that's going on. There's usually only a couple of those players every season and they seem to do quite well.

level 3
2 points · 3 months ago

Yes, and especially this season I see the winner being a primarily social one, because of the Edge of extinction thing. I also expect the winner to be someone returning from the island, so that means he has to be somewhat athletic/ good in challenges and he's fit and also should have good balance and endurance as a surfer.

level 1
7 points · 3 months ago

When it comes to Keith...any teenager who reveals they're a teenager is making a mistake, IMO. You're gonna have a major uphill battle getting any credit for your game at FTC. And David Wright, funnily enough, is one of the people that has flat-out said he would've never voted for Will because he was a teenager. I doubt his opinion of Keith will be any different. Also he can't swim, so there's a very real possibility he bombs a water challenge and gets voted out for it.

I never would've guessed Chris was a fan at all, and he ends up being probably the biggest one there. If he keeps that secret, it'll definitely work to his advantage. He has Devon Pinto potential, or would have except there aren't a ton of super physical guys at his level on this cast, so how he avoids a target on his back after the merge will be interesting.

level 2

any teenager who reveals they're a teenager is making a mistake, IMO. You're gonna have a major uphill battle getting any credit for your game at FTC.

I get what you are saying but there is almost no proof of this since there has only been 1 teenager that has made the FTC.

level 3

Who are you thinking of ? All I can come up with is Baylor and I think she was 21.

level 4

Wasn't Nat10 only 19 when she played?

level 5


level 1

Keith could either go early or deep but I don’t think he can win. Chris is someone I think can do really well and could win

level 1

Think Chris will be a midgame boot. Think Keith probably goes premerge

level 1
1 point · 3 months ago

Chris is clearly a superfan and he's more self-aware than first impressions would indicate. Definitely a strategic thinker but he may overestimate his strategic prowess and get blindsided either late pre-merge or post merge, depending on who he is playing with.

level 1
1 point · 3 months ago

I see Keith as being an under-the-radar player for the first half of the game. I think however that he may overplay when he feels it's time to make a move, and get voted out as a result.

level 1

Keith’s gameplan sounds like something I would want to do if I got on Survivor. Use that little brother role to get on people’s good side. Heck, if he does it good enough, I could see some players being protective of him. As long as he can take out the person in the “big brother or sister” role before FTC, I think he would have a shot. Kind of a variation of the meat shield method.

level 1

It will be interesting to see how Manu can possibly win a swimming challenge with 2 of their guys such obvious weak swimmers. It seems likely that one of them will be an early boot, and David's nous might just give up a leg up on Keith. I think if they have to go to tribal more than once before a swap, keith could be in trouble. But he could end up coasting along in a majority alliance if his lack of swimming becomes a non issue. Don't really see him going that deep, mid merge at best I think and could be an early boot also.

Chris is interesting. He appears to have it all on paper: knowledge, charm, a decent social game. But why do I think he's a bit TOO confident about his abilities? We have seen salespeople on this show before who think they have everything figured out and they don't. The fact Probst didn't mention him in his "men to watch' video is interesting too, has he spotted a red flag about him? I think chris could surprise everyone and play a really good game. But I also think he's just as likely to overplay due to overconfident.

level 1

How in the living hell do you go on Survivor not knowing how to swim? That's like going on The Amazing Race if you can't deal with heights.

level 2

Well, I mean, Tony did the same.

level 1

Keith wanting to be upfront about his age is going to bite him in the ass. When your entire strategy is to coast and appear nonthreatening you'll never be respected and you'll go out looking like a waste of a casting slot. Without camping knowledge his age will hurt him way more than he evidently thinks it will.

Chris has a lot of boyish charm. Will that boyish charm come across like that? I don't know. He is a solid couple of degrees away from teetering off of the edge and coming across as a wanker and adding in the trials of the game may be enough to do that to him. One thing that turned me off on him was his massive use of casting keywords everywhere. Makes me nervous that he's going to be a fan first character second which is a massive problem with this cast as a whole. His challenge prowess will carry him premerge but get him cut in post. Tbh that's about all he can hope for.

level 1
-1 points · 3 months ago

Keith: Survivor has had Navy Seals, Blackwater guys, therapists, NFL coaches, but never before has it had a college dorm RA. This guy's life experiences have prepared him to play Survivor. Just ask him. He's stepped out of his comfort zone before, so he's not afraid of anything. As he says himself, he's not going to be afraid to lead alliances, but he's also going to be playing the younger brother and causing them to underestimate him. Keith seems like a really nice young man. I know he's got that front door at Sunday School covered and he's holding it for all the elderly people. I know he got that A+ on his medical exam because he labeled the bones of the leg in both Latin and English. I'm not worried about him being the first one out. I'm also not worried about him winning. I'm sure he'll hit a Wahl somewhere in between, it'll be seeya Yerger and we'll all be so, So Kolowskied. (No, that doesn't make any sense, but you try finding a pun for Yerger and Sokolowski.)

Chris: Until I encountered Chris, I had no idea that someone could be such a douchey hot guy and such a geek at the same time. Now I have lots of questions. Like, do his Tinder hook ups find his constant Blood vs. Water references confusing? And when he stands in front of the mirror, totally zoned out, combing his hair for an hour is he daydreaming that he's Gregg Carey and he's making that move against Tom Westman? I don't know how he'll do this season, but if he can wait to put any girls Underwood until Pounderosa he'll probably do a lot better. Or perhaps that isn't a problem because he loves himself enough for two. Or perhaps it isn't a problem because he'll be too busy geeking out over past players' astrological symbols. The man believes in duality. I'll guess he's mid-jury.

level 2

Leave the brutal cast assessment to Corinne, imo.

level 3
1 point · 3 months ago

My post today was pretty tongue-in-cheek. Guess I was in a sassy mood. My comments about other people have been less-so.

level 3

That Gregg Carey/Tom Westman snark was so bad that it was almost good lol.

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