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S38 Episode 2
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2 months ago
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Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Episode 2 | Eastern Time Discussion

Season 38, Episode 2: One of Us is Going to Win the War

Aired: February 27, 2019

Synopsis: The first castaway is stranded all alone on “Edge of Extinction.” Also, first-time players bond together in an attempt to get a returnee out of the game.

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Half episode idol searches and the most obvious person goes home then a cliffhanger. Lol. All time low here.

"Going on a cruise is fun"

everyone complaining about this episode and i’m here like: every episode of survivor is good for me, because its survivor

The Wardog

Keith stop waiting and pick something

they should call it flop island instead extinction island.

why are they leaving on a cliffhanger that doesn't even make any sense to the viewer nor does it matter

Keith wants a dialogue with god

This might be the most boring two episodes to start a season ever.


thank god kelley still alive

The Wardog

Holy shit the Survivor editors taking a gamble and I love it!

Worst cliff hanger ever.

I wanna see him go, then realize there is nothing on the island for resources. Just for his reaction

haha, jesus take the torch.


I think that was edited in a misleading way, I don't know if he was crying and praying for a decision to make but maybe was praying for the chance to do well this time when he does

i miss davie and nick

The Wardog

Is it just me or was Keith super cringe when he got voted out, kinda like he was acting like he was blindsided only to look like he had no idea and made a big deal out of it? Made me cringe a bit

I don't think Keith picking whether or not he wants to do to EI deserves a cliffhanger

oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god oh Jesus oh God oh God oh God oh Jesus oh god


Between appearing genuinely shocked for some reason that they voted him out, claiming they will not win challenges without him, and actually hesitating to go left, this might have been the most bizarre exit I’ve ever seen

I said this last week but Jeff didn’t say “it’s time for you to go” after the torch snuff. Several people commented that he in fact did say this which had me second guessing things. He 100% did not say it this week.

Geeze, now I'm glad it was him,

It's hard to believe the same production company that picked last seasons flawless cast also picked Keith..

Is he getting fucked by Jesus?


noooooooooo wendy!! :(

"I don't know about that"

All time low? Really?

Colton quitting and Brandon Hantz having a full on breakdown say hello.


Luke (AUS)

Post credit scene



Ohh, medivac?

Because this is a pretty dull cast coupled with a terrible season long twist so the editors are working overtime to make it somehow exciting.


I don't care what anybody says, I loved how randomly dramatic that ending was #DANG



See you all next week. Time for Survivor KIA on RHAP

When did Keith ever think to vote Wendy?

Why would you not show us anything about it, wtf

If someone shows up is she gonna eat them??

Hahaha Keith is not the savior you were looking for Reem?

Lol stop teasing whether keith went to eoe or not he's not good enough to warrant a cliffhanger like that

Wendy better not be medavaced...

hahahahaha, I've been here for 3 freakin days.



For Reem's sake I hope Keith goes to extinction Island. It would be miserable on your own there for 6 days.

Double Cliffhanger!!

I ain't done just yet.

Yea that ankle doesn't look good.


If Wendy got medevaced and the bottom 3 of Manu got voted out or sent out, that would not be a great start to the season

Well. There goes Wendy. This season is blah so far. The twist might be the best thing about it? Which is odd.

Jeff Probst King of Sass

I’m guessing Keith decided to quit. If so, Reem may quit as well. Damn :/

So who voted for Wendy? Why didn't they show the votes?

Reem please don't eat Keith.

Who voted for Wendy?

bahahhaa this reem segment

If Wendy gets medevaced....

This season is gonna get the ghost island treatment from this sub and be shat on with perpetually


So do they just not show the votes anymore? Wtf

And Alison and Christian and John and Kara and Alec and Mike

Not my Wendy!

Did they not show the votes? Come on, not happy with that ending or no showing of the votes!!

Quit exaggerating. It wasn't 30 minutes of idol searching. I actually loved that scene and was praying that a woman would find the idol. I'm so glad Lauren did it!

Meeee! I'm gonna go watch from the beginning now, I only have a sure guess for one so I want to see if I'm right!

Wow even the ‘next episode’ was a cliff hanger


Keith..............? Keith..............? Could you show up? Keith.....? No.

This episode has actually risen my hopes for this season from the premier. I'm liking this cast a little more now.


Everyone voted for Keith except Keith and Wendy. Wendy voted for Kelley

Keith needs to just go home, he's too young, he can't swim, he's uncordinated

Not revealing Keith's decision but showing a medevac in the preview.

What. the. fuck?

Jeff Probst King of Sass

Reem got more confessionals than Julia. Purple Julia lives on...

And Keith didn't had final words...

Um, yeah, that looks kinda broken.

Yes. All time low. Nothing happened this episode. The two you reference have a tag. Colton quit. Brandon explodes. This is nothing, followed by more nothing, then a cliffhanger of the most obvious choice in the game.

Nothing redeeming here at all.

The first two episodes sucked and were really boring?

Anyone want to summarize the NTOS? I got cut out

The Wardog

How friggin hard is it to grab the torch? I’d understand if you were 15 days in and starving, but four or five days?

F*** you, Brad Culpepper!



The Wardog

Wait so Keith Voted Wendy... why?? Also NO IF WENDY GETS EVACUATED IMA CRY 😢


This is a mess


This sub is so pessimistic, I’m loving this season so far

“Oh man... jessus what do I do... what do I do oh jesus”

The Wardog

Kama hate Joe and Aubry

Wendy breaks her ankle

and Reem wants to leave Extinction Island again...

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