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Pirates Steal
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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles: Micronesia

Welcome to the 2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profile series!

In these threads, we encourage in-depth discussion about the "fallen angels" throughout Survivor history, counting down from the most recent to the original. In this context, a fallen angel is the last player eliminated prior to Final Tribal Council.

What allowed these players to make it to the end game? What are the reasons they fell short? Were they legit threats or coattail riders? How close were they to winning? Who would they have won or lost against had they made it to Final Tribal Council? How was their gameplay, narrative, story, edit, competition, and former or later seasons (if applicable)? What's their Survivor legacy? Are they overrated or underrated as a player and a character? Will they ever return?

These threads are meant for in-depth discussion, not low-effort content. We encourage people to post their detailed thoughts after reflecting on these fallen angels and their paths through the game.

Today's topic: Survivor: Micronesia fallen angel Cirie Fields.

  • Method of Elimination: Voted out at F3

  • Individual Immunities won: 0/7

  • Tribal Councils Attended: 13/15

  • Votes Against: 3

  • Correct Votes: 11/13

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level 1
86 points · 2 months ago

Cirie's game in Micronesia is one of the most impressive we've ever seen, with far fewer holes than most actual winners. Most people who argue this rely mostly on the last-minute final two twist, but that's only one part of it.

Coming into the season, Cirie had two major legacies to contend with - the charismatic but unathletic fan who got up off the couch, and the master strategist of a season that had only aired the year before S16 filmed. That she was able to convince her opponents that the former was more important to focus on was not just a matter of luck, because all of the Favourites recognised her early on as a strategic force to be reckoned with yet wanted to work with her, handing her the power rather than the more predictable conclusion of that original legacy - an early boot for being nice but of no help to the tribe.

Cirie wasn't wedded to either of the major alliances in the first few days, but remained a swing vote trusted by all to make the right decision. She personally crowned the majority alliance at their next tribal council but didn't just hand the numbers to a group she was on the outside of: by getting the women to see early on that they would need to stick together but eventually turn on their respective showmances, Cirie became number 3 in the pecking order rather than number 5. And then shaped her gameplay around forcing Amanda and Parvati to follow that path, while they copped the heat for it.

Post-swap, Cirie domineered the Malakal votes to ensure that the outcomes were what was best for her, so that the numbers were favourable to the favourites, but also there to help the women favourites for when they needed to strike. Post-merge she took that first strike, stepping up the game for everybody by orchestrating the Ozzy blindside. She continued to make game moves, but also continued to bond personally with the eventual jurors who were impressed with her but resented her allies. The respect her moves were given is best seen in the ease with which Cirie maintained a positive relationship with Amanda despite 'having' to vote against her at the Final 6.

She was the first person to conceive that someone who won immunity could still become the boot, which when executed knocked out the biggest threat to her planned final three, and she benefited the most from this because she knew that if an outsider won immunity at final four, she was the one at risk. Thus, going into the endgame she was in a winning position which she most likely would have converted into one million dollars, because she maintained the respect and friendship of each juror, even Erik whom she humiliated.

The unprecedented change to a final two occurred at the last minute (after James' evacuation) and was never announced to the castaways until they had already reached the final three. Potentially it could have been deduced when the final 4 tribal council was scheduled for night 37, but even then there was no reason to think it any more likely than having an extra challenge-less day to pad out the schedule, the more logical solution to the evacuation because Cirie had experienced it already in Panama, and because the producers had publicly confirmed after Cook Islands that the final three format was going to stay on indefinitely.

The fact remains that Cirie and everyone she played against all believed that they were playing for one of three spots at Final Tribal Council, which meant that they were all playing toward a conclusion in which she won. Of all the 'fallen angels', she came closest to winning, controlling every possible variable perfectly but falling short for reasons beyond her control.

level 2

the "outplay" element is a central point of the game. players have to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. people being voted out for being jury threats is part of the game, but besides, she could have used her social prowess to convince Amanda to take her over Parvati.

level 3
28 points · 2 months ago

Absolutely, but Cirie adapted to plenty of tricky circumstances all along the way, including the early alliances, the dynamics post-swap, where the idols ended up and who won immunity all the way through the post-merge.

So while not getting from 3 to 2 is indeed a failure to adapt, it isn't one I can dock many points for. She successfully became the strongest jury threat out of the final three without having to rely on any challenge wins, because that was her goal and her skillset coming in. And from that peak position the twist of course forced to win immunity to survive... because she was the strongest jury threat out of the final three.

Even more critical to her success was a strategy predicated on being the third wheel in a final three alliance, in which the stronger pair would broken up first if things ever went awry (like at the final 6). She (and everybody else) would have played differently from the start had they known a final two was at all possible and she would not have worked toward an endgame that required her to defeat two stronger challenge competitors on day 38 in order to win. She would have invested in other relationships, looked for an Aras willing to take her to the the final two, and done her best to only emerge as clearly the biggest threat out of the final two, not three.

Which is why I think her game was close to perfect, but clearly not perfect in an absolute sense. And if we hold others to such a high standard on the front of adaptability, Cirie would still come out near the top of any ranking - we'd be docking many more points from many more winners who had to rely on challenges breaking their way in the endgame, or who would not have been able to adapt otherwise, within a format they could predict, understand and plan for.

level 1
"Come on in, guys!"
50 points · 2 months ago

One immunity win away from claiming her rightful spot on the Survivor mountaintop.

Then again, she’s never won an immunity.

level 1
Basic Parvati Stan
40 points · 2 months ago

Truly deserves the title of fallen angel. Despite my username I think Cirie was robbed In Micronesia because it would have been final 3 if james wasn’t evacuated. In a perfect world Cirie is a two time winner winning Micronesia and Game Changers.

level 2

And despite my username, I believe the same.

level 2

In an alternate universe where Cirie wins Micronesia, she also may be on the Villains tribe for HvV considering that each tribe had 2 winners, and if she was on the Heroes tribe, there'd be 3 winners (Cirie, JT, Tom), and 1 on the villains (Sandra). She very well could have made a deep run in HvV as a result

level 3
5 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

That would be amazing and I wish we lived in that time line.

Edit: You also know, she would've seen straight through Russell's bullshit and as a result her, Sandra and Boston Rob form the alliance to take him out and they successfully do so because Cirie's able to keep Tyson, Coach and Jerri in line.

level 1
31 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

If anyone deserves the title of fallen angel in is Cirie for her Micronesia performance. I have been bummed and disappointed when other people have left in the same spot but never heartbroken like I was in this instance. It is easy to look back and criticize the final three for not predicting a final two but to me that is a huge case of hindsight being 20/20. If you rewatch the ponderosa videos everyone was shocked and nobody saw it coming. Cirie winning would likely classify her as my favorite all time winner. After four seasons of her playing it is easy to forget how much of a fish out of water she was. She represented the common fan and was entertaining, endearing and easy to root for. Parvati is a great player and worthy winner but Cirie drove the strategy. While Parvati’s was able to gather the chess pieces (Alexis and Natalie) to make the moves Cirie was the one with the strategical ability to use them to orchestrate some of the best blindsides the show has ever seen. Additionally her final words and ponderosa remain the most heart wrenching I’ve seen. She takes her exit with class but you can tell how much she wanted it.

level 1
15 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Probably the most disgusted I’ve ever been with the surprise final 2 on survivor. She had one of the strongest games the game has seen this season with the “What is best for me?” strategy

Parvati winning may soften the blow for some, how high would you rate Micronesia had this surprise final 2 happened and resulted in a different winner that wasn’t Cirie/Parvati/Amanda

level 2
Comment deleted by user2 months ago
level 3
I was here when Admins visited /r/Survivor
9 points · 2 months ago

except it was a twist because jeff said they werent going back to it after cook islands.

level 3
1 point · 2 months ago


level 1

There's a reason why Cirie is always considered the Best Player to Never Win. She was in 3 finales, and I feel like if you stick her (or someone who plays like her) in any random season she goes far.

Cirie's final words is probably the most heartbreaking final words ever.

level 1
Jon and Jaclyn
14 points · 2 months ago

Regardless of whether Cirie would have won, there's at least reasonable room to say/speculate that she could have, so the twist still sucks and is dumb for depriving her of her chance to plead her case and depriving us as viewers of the chance to see it play out, however it would have, with the F3 scenario they were actually playing for.

There's tons you can say about her absolutely outstanding, iconic S16 game, but the one thing I'll highlight is one of the most underrated ever: the Joel blindside. If you break it down, this blindside is pretty much everything you could ask for in a Survivor move. Some of the most important traits in Survivor are foresight (figuring out where your position might be in a couple of rounds based on what happens today, and proactively trying to tweak what'll happen today to ensure a more favorable outcome down the line) and knowing how to sell what's in your best interests as if it's in line with other jurors' best interests or motivations (whether it's convincing them to make the right move, convincing them to make the wrong one, or trying to get their vote at FTC.)

Her massively underrated play on Joel embodies this: Joel and Ozzy had teamed up across enemy lines after the swap, pledging to vote out Chet as a mutually detrimental challenge liability... but Cirie saw the writing on the wall and realized that if "fans vs. favorites" ties didn't matter so much anymore - that if they were going to make votes across the aisle based off challenge strength - then there's no reason Ozzy wouldn't vote her out next, since challenges aren't exactly her strongest area. (Sure enough, this is exactly what Ozzy and Joel were discussing behind her back.) So, thinking ahead about tomorrow to determine her best move today, she realized that shutting down the Chet boot and taking down Joel would be in her best interest -- and she did it.

She went to Ozzy and her other allies and hyped up Joel as a big power player and strategic threat from the opposing side -- said that with him reaching out and trying to boot an original tribemate, he's clearly a threat they didn't want to leave around, and that this would be a great opportunity to get rid of him.

The magic here is that this has nothing whatsoever to do with why Cirie actually wanted Joel out. She didn't care if he was some big power player or strategic threat (the way she ran circles around him here -- and pretty much everyone else for the rest of her season -- shows that to her, he clearly wasn't); she only cared that a Chet boot today meant a Cirie boot tomorrow, so she had to think of how to sell it to the other players - and it worked. She came up with and sold them on a coherent, logical explanation of why a Joel boot would benefit their games... and the entire thing was pretty much pulled out of thin air, because all she really cared about was its impact on her game. Awesome.

In doing so, she threw the challenge strength precedent that she correctly surmised would have doomed her out the window, she sold her move as a good Ozzy move, and she kept the fans vs. favorites mentality strong enough to bring her to the merge. Awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I love her other plays, whether throughout this season or in general -- the Erik blindside is absolutely legendary, and while it's a little more unpopular, I'm personally a huge sucker for the sheer audacity and skill with which she correctly leveraged her swing vote position to basically hold the entire tribe's numbers hostage and force a Yau-Man boot alol -- but I think this one gets too much credit as one of the best Cirie moves, one of the most entertaining (Joel was a fucking prick, especially to Chet), and basically a great, straightforward exhibition of the fundamentals of top-tier Survivor play.

At its core, the Joel blindside is everything any other Survivor power move should aspire to be: utilizing sheer foresight and awareness of social politics to figure out her best course of action while distorting her motives to make other players feel like it was their best move and, in doing so, launch a precise assassination entirely of her own design on someone who pretty much only posed a threat to her. I love it.

level 2

Ugh, as always, the elegance and grace of your writing slays me.

level 3
Jon and Jaclyn
3 points · 2 months ago

Haha you are too kind but thank you

level 1
13 points · 2 months ago

Cirie should’ve won Micro and Parvati HvV.

level 2

This is correct.

level 1
I was here when Admins visited /r/Survivor
44 points · 2 months ago

Cirie: 10/10 (Literally should have won and was unrightfully robbed at a final 2 that didn't need to be there. The best losing game, ever.)

level 1
9 points · 2 months ago

That challenge was TAILOR MADE for Cirie.

level 2

I loved the foreshadowing though, becsuse earlier in the season she was making fun of Tracy for being bad at a challenge that was similar to her job and how if she did that, she wouldn't be able to go back home.

level 1

Literally would’ve won if not for a random twist. Deservedly too. Shame.

level 2

Ah yes, the random twist that had happened 12/15 times in Survivor history up until that point


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