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Feral Kahjiit

This is a build of a Kahjiit, who grew up in Elsweyr. After he was captured by drunken Imperials, who brutally beat him, and left him in Cyrodiil. Left by himself, in a land of mystery, he went crazy. After he was found violently beating a wanderer traveling to Skyrim, he was captured, and put to death. After escaping, he was on his own, in the vast expanse of Skyrim. (Entirely lol)

Race In you haven't figured out yet, Khajiit

M/H/S: 1/1/1

Perks Anything goes!

Gear: Any random armor found on defeated enemies (make it look as strange as possible), wooden sword, fork and knife, anything that would seem fit for a batshit crazy Kahjiit. Wabbajack helps to stay in character

Playstyle Use unarmed strikes, frantic movements. Aqquire Wabbajack asap. Basically play as if you are on drugs (or as a bonus, actually smoke weed and play!) Run away from everything bigger than you, chose the most contradictory dialogue options, never stay in one place, etc. turn off dialogue sounds/subtitles for maximum immersion. And always, always, always drink ALL THE SKOOMA!

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3 points · 4 years ago

Ring of Namira and Unarmed could fit this character really well, and, if not Unarmed, at the very least a pair of really sickly looking daggers or swords, like Forsworn or Nettlebane.

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Omfg I gotta go smoke and do this

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