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Homeless man simply plays piano beautifully -- prompting an angry screed by a self-described "Fat Activist and Proud Feminist" [X-Post from /r/mensrights

In an inspirational video devoid of sexual politics, a homeless man plays his own elegant composition on a piano set up on the street. On the linked youtube page, this prompted the following spittle-flecked comment:

Wow. Like he actually wrote this. Men are undeveloped idiots who shame and rape women like myself. I literally live in fear of them. He did not make this, he was given it so men could look superior to women. Fuck that, literally. It's just rape culture and laziness that we could stop, but fucking men are too afraid of independent, curvy women such as myself who are morally superior to try and chantge (sic) their ways.

The video

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You do realize that was a troll account, right?

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Where can I reply to this post?


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