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Official Discussion: Cold Pursuit [SPOILERS]


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Nels Coxman is a family man whose quiet life with his wife is upended following the mysterious death of their son. Nels' search for justice turns into a vengeful hunt for Viking, a drug lord he believes is connected to the death. As one by one each of Viking's associates "disappear," Nels goes from upstanding citizen to ice-cold vigilante, letting nothing - and no one - get in his way.


Hans Petter Moland


screenplay by Frank Baldwin

based on the movie 'Kraftidioten' written by Kim Fupz Aakeson


  • Liam Neeson as Problematic

  • Laura Dern as Grace Coxman

  • Emmy Rossum as Kimberly "Kim" Dash

  • Tom Bateman as Viking

  • William Forsythe as Brock "Wingman" Coxman

  • Julia Jones as Aya

  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Mustang

  • Raoul Trujillo as Thorpe

  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dexter

  • John Doman as Gip

  • Aleks Paunovic as Detective Osgard

  • Christopher Logan as Shiv

  • Nathaniel Arcand as Smoke

  • Ben Cotton as Windex

  • Tom Jackson as White Bull

  • Mitchell Saddleback as Avalanche

Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

Metacritic: 66/100

After Credits Scene? No

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level 1

The plot of this movie is just so non sequential

level 1

This was a dark comedy and I absolutely loved the twist. Neeson's name made the viewer assume his role in the movie and we were all bamboozled.

level 2

Wait, what was the twist? How was I bamboozled? I just left--did they get me that good?

level 3

Well, if you read the synopsis before going in, one would think "okay, another Liam Neeson spin on Taken... Let's see how it goes."

And for the first 30 minutes, one thinks "damn it, it's just Taken but worse!" And then it starts to unwind, and suddenly there's jokes here and there, and the protagonists and antagonists are all just huge caricatures of normal tropes/archetypes. After that's established, one begins to find humor in how many names keep popping up on the death count. The very last death was an in-your-face one, basically the director saying "if you don't know, now ya know."

level 4

Eh, I went in with no expectations except death and revenge. I knew I was something was different with the morgue, lifting of the body scene. I enjoyed it. I thought you meant "twist" in the normal sense, within the movie.

level 1

That was weird

level 1

Hi! Who killed Dexter?

level 1

It was good 7/10.

level 1

My mistake was that I went to see the movie thinking "another movie from Neeson chasing and killings bad guys for revenge", which I really enjoy. For that reason, I thought that the movie was supossed to be a "serious" movie and felt guilty when I started laughing at the morgue scene.

As time went by I was like this movie is so poorly made, with really bad acting and bad jokes; even some people left the room.

But I'm not a quiter so I stayed till the end and surprise! This movie is great! the acting, the scenes, everything really makes sense. I mean, not perfect but really enjoyable.

Just be open minded and stay until the end.

level 2

Yeah! I was confused at first, but by the third death card I was like 'I *FEEEL* like they're trying to dooo something...' lmao.

I ended up loving it. It was funny, but not trying to be that kind of OVER funny where you roll your eyes.

level 1
4 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Quite liked it - particularly the Native characters.

They missed an opportunity to have a scene where Coxman went back to the waterfall with all of those who died in the shootout.

Liam Neeson’s final action movie role.

level 1

Absolutely astonished by how much I enjoyed this movie. I went to go see it expecting a typical action revenge story. The action was great and some of the corniness and humor was phenomenal. I absolutely loved this film.

level 1
  1. Was there a mole in Viking's security detail? How did the Native's know that they are heading to the workplace? At one point you see someone (who looks like one of Viking's guards) talking into his cellphone near a window saying "they're headed to his workplace".

  2. Does any movie with people being shredded (in a snowy environment) immediately qualify for a Fargo'esque mention?

  3. I missed the point of the Natives playing in the snow in slow mo, what is that all about?

level 2
  1. Yes, it was the bald Fantasy Football guy whose cocky boyfriend got shot by Viking and had his head sent to White Bull as a peace offering. He was pissed off at Viking rather than a mole per se though.

  2. I don't see why not.

  3. Partly I think to show a juxtaposition between their joy and White Bull's anguish and rage. But also to set up the hilarious death of Avalanche right at the end in the aforementioned shredding scene.

level 3

Oh, I didn't catch that he turned rat. I assumed it was because one of the cellphones from one faction made it to the other faction, and thats how tips were going out.

level 1

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. This might just be the best Liam Neeson film I've seen since The Grey. I loved the dark humour and the snowy setting. It was evident how much this film was inspired by Fargo. A solid 8/10 for me.

level 1

Wow that kid sure was calm about getting kidnapped by some lonely old dude he'd never seen before. Man what a strange out there film this was, it was entertaining during the 1st act but after that this movie DRAGGED real hard. 6/10 for me sorry.

level 1
  • Neeson, controversy aside, gives his best action performance to date as Mr Plow-Wick. He doesn't hog the spotlight for once which allows the subplots to unfold more than I expected.

  • The humour and violence is dark in the best way possible. Some of the scenes are brutal in how it takes out characters.

  • Hans Petter Moland's direction is superb. I've never seen his original film but his direction is as slick as it is here then I'm in.

  • Laura Dern is wasted. Stop wasting Laura Dern Hollywood.

  • Tom Bateman's performance as Vulture, the villain of the film, is either perfectly overacted or dreadfully overacted. I'm still not sure what side of the fence I'm on.

  • God I loved the code-names. Shoutout to Mustang, played superbly by Domenick Lombardozzi.

level 1

What happened to the wife??

level 2
2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

According to Wikipedia, she didn’t die as she didn’t get one of those death cards. She left the house in grief because of a psychotic breakdown.

level 3

She left a blank letter on the bed.

level 1

What happen with Neeson? Don't know story. But this was a good film. It's a simple basic film that we lack in today's films. Also seems like Neeson getting killed by the left for some reason, but this film was actually good even with some forced left shit. BTW the Native American gang were funny as fuck. Don't know if there is a Native American mafia, but they seem cool as fuck.

level 1

I thought Tom Bateman played his role well. Reminds me a lot of Joaquin Phoenix.

level 1

Anyone here from Denver? What is that road into the city that is always abandoned save for characters in the movie driving on it?


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