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ESXI 5.5 -- What are you using to backup your VMs?

Hi Folks,

What are you using to backup your VMs for the free version of ESXI 5.5?

I don't need to do live backups or anything fancy.

What sort of setups do you have / recommend?


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I spun up an Ubuntu Server VM and mounted the ESXi datastores with SSHFS. I then installed CrashPlan for unlimited off-site backups. Whole datastores backed up, which worked, but doing delta checks with CrashPlan seemed pretty slow and took days to complete a ~1TB backup. And it's not easy to navigate the backed up data.

Not a perfect solution, and I'm looking for something better.

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I am for some reason a fan of GhettoVCB

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CCNP|CCDP|CCNA-V|CMNA2 points · 4 years ago

I use the free Veeam product, works great for backing up VMs - though I don't believe the free one supports jobs/scheduled backups (at least it failed when I tried a scheduled job)

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I use Veeam, and i like it a lot.

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I just set up a new ESXI home lab with 1 HP DL380 G5 refurbished server I picked up.

I started with just exporting and importing .ovf and .ova for basic stuff, but I was looking for a more compete solution.

I found these guys (I think I saw them @ a VMUG in my city). I only installed last night, but the free version is not bad, kinda heavy install with a SQL server and all, but my 5 fresh VMs (server2012, 2008, win7,8, fedora) came in @ 30GB total.

I paid version is much better (of course, its $800), and allows you to automate, schedule, and do entire host at once.

I was looking at a free Netapp program too, but their website makes it pretty hard to find, and I am waiting the day it takes for their support site to let me in after registering. We have Netapp appliances @ work, so it would be interesting to see how well it works.

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1 point · 4 years ago

Veeam, I back them up and then 7zip them. You do have to power off the VM so that kinda sucks, but its better than nothing.

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I run all my VMs with iSCSI targets as storage, so I backup the FreeBSD+ZFS storage server to get the job done. It may not be perfect, as outstanding writes wouldn't be backed up which may cause trouble in some cases, but it's good enough for a home lab.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 years ago

Thanks very much folks. Veeam it is. Cheers

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Veeam unfortunately, I honestly hate it with a passion.


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