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can you train a cat like a dog?

I wanna get a cat but I never had one before I only had a dog before. But the dog was pretty cool he could poop in the designated poop area and he'd know that other places would not be cool. Do cats do the same thing if you train them or no. (sorry im 14 years old and highly autistic thanks)

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yes. it's called a litter box.

(PS - I wish my dog pooped in one area instead of running around like a madman looking for the perfect blade of grass in the yard)

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Original Poster2 points · 4 years ago

thats good to know i live in an apartment so dont have that yard stuff (unless i go outside but then i cant reddit comfortably so whats the point)

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Cats naturally want to go in a sandy, soft-soiled area that they can bury their leavings in. Many of them, all you have to do is set the litter box up and show them where it is and they'll automatically go there. If you've never had a cat before, the book "Cats for Dummies" is a pretty good first start, it's written clearly and in easy to understand language. However, some cats can also learn to do tricks (but not all). I trained my male to high five, sit, shake, and stand back on his haunches and beg. The female will learn NOTHING. XD

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Original Poster2 points · 4 years ago

so i should get a male cat or were you just exaggerating a hyperbole (sorry im autistic)

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I wasn't using any figures of speech. I was just differentiating between the two animals I own. Every cat has its own personality; some are trainable, some aren't. Gender makes no difference. It's entirely dependent upon each individual animal's personality and behavior.


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