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Thoughtful Thursday - 2019
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2 months ago

Thoughtful Thursday! - March 14, 2019

Welcome to this week's Thoughtful Thursday thread! Also known as "No Stupid Questions"

Thoughtful Thursday - a post idea by u/davidgillilandfan38 for all fans to ask whatever NASCAR-related question they want answered in hopes to get an explanation for something they've been unsure of. No question is too stupid! Want to know why the cars drive left around ovals instead of right or why the cars don't have headlights (they're just stickers!)? Or maybe you want to know something more technical that someone with more experience might know? This thread is for you! Ask below!

Serious answers only, please!

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level 1
10 points · 2 months ago

I always have a good question earlier in the week but can never remember it when this thread comes out

level 1
Earnhardt, Jr.
8 points · 2 months ago

How involved are the drivers at the raceshops? Do they help with the cars (setup, etc) or do they stay out of the way?

I've always been curious about that.

level 2
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
13 points · 2 months ago

Most leave it up to the "guys back at the shop". They'll give input when needed but aside from that they know there's guys in the shop with way more knowledge about specific parts of the car. Unless of course you're Ryan Preece who was in Phoenix Monday morning helping the crew work on and load up the Fontana car.

level 3
Earnhardt, Jr.
6 points · 2 months ago

So, another question then:

What do the drivers do during the week? Just hang out at home or go on trips?

level 4
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
8 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

I would say a typical weekday schedule of a driver would go like:

Monday: Shop visit/debrief/ about the most recent race, preview the next race

Tuesday: Stay with family, bring kids to school, grocery shopping basically the essentials of daily living

Wednesday: Local sponsor or TV appearance, if no obligations basically the same as Tuesday

Thursday: Bring kids to school in the morning, say your goodbyes (if family isn't coming to the track that weekend), head to airport, fly to the next venue (usually at night).

Long story short, if you're going to be a driver at the Cup level (a decent one at that), you pretty much have to consume 10 months of your entire life to it. Commitment is the word. If it is what you love and your dream and your passion in life, you have the best job in the world. You get paid to drive race cars. Hopefully you find a woman (or partner or whoever) and have children who are into it as much as you are or at the very least, respect what you do and support you.

level 5
2 points · 2 months ago

Missed sim day

level 6
1 point · 2 months ago

And leg day

level 4

Debrief, media/sponsor appearances and sim racing to prepare for the next race.

level 4

It really varies by driver.

There are some who will go to the shop nearly everyday, meet with crew chief/crew and prepare for the next race. And will also spend ample time prepping for the next race whether is iRacing/simulators, watching film etc.

Most will spend some time at either the team shop or their personal shop doing autographs and mailing them back out, meeting sponsor obligations or doing work with their foundations if they have one.

There are also drivers who do nothing racing related. They’ll take care of the children, tend to animals and farms they may have, and basically do and talk anything but racing until it’s time to leave for the track.

level 2

Might come in once a week to catch up on fan mail, have a debrief with engineers and crew chiefs or fit a seat.

Otherwise, they’re not.

level 2
2 points · 2 months ago

In addition to the other reply, each driver can vary greatly. Steve Park, a racer from the 90s-00's used to build race cars before he got to the Xfinity/Cup Series and was pretty involved in helping build/work on the race cars. There are other drivers (likeChase Briscoe just answered in a 12 Questions article this week) who don't really know much about the cars and more or less stay out of the way.

level 2
1 point · 2 months ago
level 3
Chase Briscoe
3 points · 2 months ago

As my 12 questions with Gluck said I don’t really know much about stock cars but for those of you that know my story I volunteered at a race shop for over a year before they let me drive so I obviously know how to do some stuff but at the top levels they really don’t want you working on stuff.

As far as schedule goes here is my next week Monday-Wednesday, next weekend is an off weekend otherwise we would leave for the track Thursday.

Monday- 9am work out then normally just hang out for the shop a little bit.

Tuesday- 8am-1pm Ford event, 3pm Team Debrief meeting. 5pm workout. 8pm flight to Orlando. (Normal Tuesday is 8am work out, 10am debrief, 1-5 Simulator.)

Wednesday- 9am-12pm Global Pet Expo Appearance in Orlando, then fly back at 1:30.

level 1
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
8 points · 2 months ago

Quick question/observation about something I noticed during the iracing race Tuesday. I saw Timmy Hill was in the field. The guy has 8 years experience in the top 3 series. Actual real-life race car driving experience. I don't think he cracked the top 30 in the race Tuesday night. Explanation?

level 2

What class was this? When Tony started iRacing he just rode around at the back of the field to stay out of wrecks and gain irating to move up to the next class.

level 3
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
1 point · 2 months ago

It was the premier series (sponsored by Peak I believe) of Cup racing in iracing. Tony as in Smoke?

level 4

Oh damn if it was top shit then thats weird. But yes I mean Smoke. You can YouTube Tony Stewart iRacing and one of the videos is from another sim racer and guys bombarding him with questions. I remember though he explicitly mentioned he just wanted to keep in touch with the pack and stay out of wrecks so he could move up to the next class.

level 5
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
1 point · 2 months ago

Yeah I've seen a few videos of him bantering with everyone who he was racing with. That's pretty cool of him though.

level 2
4 points · 2 months ago

Do we know how long Timmy Hill has been competing in iRacing? If he's had it for quite awhile, then maybe it's concerning. But if he's pretty new or new to the class, I don't think it should be too surprising. Even if you have real world experience racing the cars and tracks, it's still a bit different than competing on the sim against people with lots of experience.

level 3

He has a 6884 irating at the moment so he’s very good but he’s not on the elite level most peak drivers are

level 4

For reference my current irating is 3450 which is usually 1st or 2nd split for normal races and at that irating he is probably considered slightly above average on the service so Timmy is definitely up there in terms of irating but there’s some guys that are just dummy good

level 5

With an iRating of 6884, he is currently ranked #71 out of 38,020 racers who have an oval iRating.

level 3
2018 MENCS Champion Joey Logano
3 points · 2 months ago

It's really concerning to me when it's a simulator that prides itself in being the closest to the real thing.

level 4

Do we know if Timmy is going fullout or is he just purposefully riding it out.

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