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How to Oilers have ruined their young players careers

Since the Oilers won the Draft Lottery, there has been non-stop talk about how the Oilers are going to "ruin" Connor McDavids career just like they have "ruined" all of their other 1st round draft picks' careers. Comments like "RIP McDavids Career" are showing up all over the place, whether it be on Reddit or elsewhere.

If anybody had any sort of sense or knowledge whatsoever, they would know that the Oilers HAVE NOT, infact "ruined their first round picks" careers at all.

The Oilers 3 previous 1st Overall Picks in the past 5 drafts have been:

  • 2010: Taylor Hall

  • 2011: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

  • 2012: Nail Yakupov

Let's also include Jordan Eberle, who was drafted 22nd overall in 2008, as well as Darnell Nurse and Leon Draisaitl... 7th and 3rd overall in 2013 and 2014.

Lets start with Taylor Hall:

In the 2010 Draft, most would agree that it was a toss up between Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin for 1st overall pick. The Oilers chose Hall, and since then Hall has put up 263pts in 299 games played which is 0.88 points per game. Tyler Seguin has had 282pts in 354 games played which is 0.80 points per game. Therefor, Taylor Hall has been a more effective player than Tyler Seguin has been. The only other player comparable from that draft year would be Jeff Skinner (7th overall) with 216pts in 336 games played or 0.64 points per game. From these numbers, one would say that Taylor Hall has been the best player from his draft year.

Next, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:

Gabriel Landeskog is the only player from the 2011 draft year that is really comparable in numbers to Ryan-Nugent Hopkins. Landeskog has 193pts in 281 games played for a points per game average of 0.69. Nugent-Hopkins has 188pts in 258 career games or 0.73 points per game. Based off of this information, it would also be safe to say that Nugent-Hopkins has been the best performing player from his draft year.

In 2012 the Oilers drafted Nail Yakupov first overall:

It is easy to agree that Yakupov has under performed thus far in his career, with only 88pts in 192 games played for a 0.48 points per game average. However, from the class of 2012 draft picks, the only other player to have more points than Yakupov is Alex Galchenyuk with 104pts in 193 games played for a 0.54 points per game average. Galchenyuk has undoubtedly also played with a much stronger team, defence and goalie than the Oilers have had. But fair is fair, so we'll say Yakupov has been the 2nd best performer from his draft year (Ryan Murray could also be discussed but since he is a defenceman I will leave him out, but feel free to comment on him)

Jordan Eberle:

Jordan Eberle was drafted 22nd overall in the 2008 NHL Draft. This is the year that Steven Stamkos went 1st overall. Also in 2008, Drew Doughty was selected 2nd overall, Alex Pietrangelo as selected 4th overall and Erik Karlsson was selected 15th overall. Other than those 4 players, Eberle has been by far and away better than any of the other 18 players selected before him in the draft and has 284pts in 365 games played for a 0.80 points per game average. ONLY Steven Stamkos has a better points per game average than Eberle with 498pts in 492 games played for a 1.01 points per game average. Obviously Karlsson, Doughty and Pietrangelo have been outstanding defensively, but there is really nobody else from that draft year that has been anywhere close to Eberle who was selected 22nd overall.

As for Darnell Nurse and Leon Draisaitl:

Neither have played enough games (Draisaitl has 37gp and Nurse has 2) to seriously judge how well they have performed in the NHL. Since returning to the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL, Draisaitl has had 53pts in 32 games played in the regular season, as well as 15pts in 9 games played in the WHL Playoffs. Darnell Nurse, a defenceman from the Sault St. Marie Geryhounds of the OHL has put up 33pts in 36 games played in the regular season and had a plus-minus of +18

TLDR; The Oilers have not ruined the careers of their draft picks like so many people have been saying they have. Instead, their consistent failure is due to faulty management that is unable to assemble a team with good defence, goaltending, depth and a decent coach.

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level 1
84 KLEFBOM21 points · 4 years ago

It's the narrative of hockey fans to say that we've ruined them. It's obvious to anyone with eyes that that isn't true, but we have wasted their talents by not being able to bolster our defense and goalie position. Feel free to defend that the Oilers were not ruining high end picks, but if they accuse the Oilers of wasting their career we have no recourse.

level 2
5 SMID18 points · 4 years ago

Except they're still in their early twenties. Nothing is wasted yet.

level 3
84 KLEFBOM0 points · 4 years ago

but 5 years after Hall we're still in the bottom of the league. If there was any increase in our position in the standings we wouldn't be talked about so negatively.

level 2
10 YAKUPOV7 points · 4 years ago

I think it's teams like Chicago and the Pens that made us so notorious. People think you should be able to win a cup after drafting first overall once. We "ruin players" by not winning a cup within their entry level contracts. I really think that's all that is. Thanks Crosby, Malkin, Toews, and Kane.

level 3
88 DAVIDSON4 points · 4 years ago

Malkin, Crosby, Toews & Kane are good but they wouldn't see a shred of post season without a solid backend.

level 4
10 YAKUPOV2 points · 4 years ago

For sure. it's annoying that people just fail to mention that before Chicago got Toews and Kane they already had Keith, Seabrook, Crawford, and Buff already in their system. Also for the Pens they drafted Fleury first overall, Whitney(when he was still good), and Letang. It was dumb luck with the draft that saw both of those teams find success and players in later rounds. We just need to make a draft count and get more than 1 roster player per draft to get any better.

level 3

Pittsburgh didn't win right after drafting Crosby

level 4
10 YAKUPOV3 points · 4 years ago

Well no shit. But that's not how /r/hockey remembers it. To them Crosby came galloping in on a white horse and pulled the team up by their bootstraps and got them a cup with two years to spare on his entry level contract. The reality is the team needed to mature around him and pieces were put in place over time. Not all at once. The situation is no different with McDavid except it's been done twice before by Chicago and Pittsburgh in a seemingly short timeframe.

level 3
2 points · 4 years ago

Pens had Many high draft picks like you guys, including multiple firsts.

level 4
77 KLEFBOM5 points · 4 years ago

Yeah and they didn't make the playoffs until they had drafted Whitney (5th), Fleury (1st), Malkin (2nd), Crosby (1st), and Staal (2nd). So I don't really see your point.

level 5
-7 points · 4 years ago(4 children)
level 6
Comment deleted by user4 years ago(0 children)
level 7
1 point · 4 years ago

I am looking at Pittsburgh as an extreme.

The argument that not getting a generational talent is ridiculous. Los Angeles, Boston, and even Chicago do not have this. Do you the if Kane or Toews was with the oilers he would be the player they are today?

level 8
Comment deleted by user4 years ago(0 children)
level 9
1 point · 4 years ago

It is hard to say with any certainty, but I believe Hall would be a better play if he was in Chicago than Edmonton. And that Kane would be a worse player if he was in Edmonton.

At the end of the day my response was to the comment that

I think it's teams like Chicago and the Pens that made us so notorious. People think you should be able to win a cup after drafting first overall once.


Yeah and they didn't make the playoffs until they had drafted Whitney (5th), Fleury (1st), Malkin (2nd), Crosby (1st), and Staal (2nd). So I don't really see your point.

I think everyone here mostly agrees with me, but think I am just taking shots at you guys. My point is that the Oilers fucked up, which is unlike the penis's and blackcocks, despite them also having shit years with higher picks.

level 3
84 KLEFBOM1 point · 4 years ago

If we made the playoffs and were knocked out in the first or second round they wouldn't be saying it either. we don't need to win the cup, we need an invitation to the dance

level 4
10 YAKUPOV1 point · 4 years ago

For sure. If our core guys all have career years we might get into the playoffs by sheer firepower. We've all seen the Hall-Nuge-Ebs line dominate some tough opponents but we just haven't seen that this year or last year. I don't know what happened but the first year these guys were together they were animals. I remember a game a couple years back against Chicago we were on the PK and down by one goal with a couple minutes left in the game. We had Nuge, Ebs, Hall, and Nick Schultz out to kill the penalty. Just those 4 alone completely dominated Chicago's top line and nearly tied the game up. They managed to freeze the puck in our zone and after the faceoff with just a few seconds left in the game they decided to pinch the puck along the boards to avoid the threat and end the game. I can't wait to see our guys dominate like that again but they DO have it in them to do so. We just haven't seen it as much.

level 5
84 KLEFBOM2 points · 4 years ago

I agree. It'll be fun watching a line centred by Nuge, and another centred by McDavid running the show on a nightly basis. I just want the Oilers to do it in the post season as well, and that means the other skaters and the goalie needs to do their jobs too

level 2

Yea man. Hall is 23 already, what a waste of a career

level 3
84 KLEFBOM1 point · 4 years ago

Their ELCs are gone though. Hall and Ebs have used 5 of maybe 15 year careers, and Nuge 4 in the basement. I'm hoping as much as anyone that we climb into the playoffs sooner rather than later.

level 4

That would mean that Hall and Ebs only play till they're 33-35. If they start wasting prime years of their careers them yea. But they're not there ywt

level 5
84 KLEFBOM1 point · 4 years ago

hopefully we can do it soon, but there should have been a push this year acording to Tavares' and Stamkos' timelines.

level 6

Here's hoping

level 1
34 HAND5 points · 4 years ago

A few things I will say about this.

Great post and I agree, people just assume a sort of "Oilers suck, their players must suck too lol!" shit. Anybody paying attention slightly can see that they are actually fantastic players with little help.

If you include Ebs at 22 you can include Klefbom at 19th the year we got Nuge. I can't be bothered looking too much in to it but I'm excited about him. A quick scan looking at the draft I don't see any stand-out names after him.

Also, holy shit Stamkos is so unbelievably good.

level 2
77 KLEFBOMOriginal Poster3 points · 4 years ago

Totally forgot to include Kelfbom! He is my favourite defenceman on the team and I think he has crazy potential. I wrote this at 1am last night so I may have missed some things

level 3
34 HAND2 points · 4 years ago

I was just looking at our D men and for some reason I thought Fayne was approaching like mid-30's or something. Dude is 27 in a month!

Klef, Nurse, Marincin, Fayne, Schultz and some legit top guy and I'd call that serviceable to be honest.

It might be optimism dial set to 'Oilers' but I want to believe Schultz would break out and be great if he was removed from the need/expectation of being our 'main guy'.

If we got a top D man and had Jultz off top pairing I think he could be a beast or at the very least a very acceptable option.

level 1
29 DRAISAITL5 points · 4 years ago

I am really starting to get pissed off when everyone says that we ruin the first overall picks. Thank you for writing this. Hopefully more people see this and stop with the non sense.

level 1
30 SCRIVENS3 points · 4 years ago

Thank you for posting this. The only thing I'll add is that in fairness to Yak, he was horrid mismanaged by Eakins for a good portion of the past season and a half (thrown into a checking role because he wasn't defensively responsible enough for Eakins). I'm curious to see what his numbers would have been had he been playing with our more skilled guys for more of the season.


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