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The 5 stages of grief: Destiny version.

1. Denial: Okay, so the story mode is rather lackluster....but it will get better, im sure!! The people that complain dont know what they are talking about, after all im having fun....right...

2.Anger: This game is shit!! False advertisment!!! Bungie sold out to activision!!! They will sell content that should be in the game as DLC!!!!

3.Barganing: If only i didnt buy into the hype, or listen to what they said in the vidocs, then it would have been good. If i only play for half an hour every week, then maybe it wont feel like a second job just to get access to differently named weapons that all look the same.

4.Depression: Sigh, all of the money i wasted on this game and next gen conslole.... everything used to be better when Bungie was under the Microsoft banner.... "sobs" Cortaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaa!!!

5.Acceptance: Well, the game is not what i expected it to be, but that is fine, its not the end of the world. Ill just play it when the mood for some decent FPS gaming strikes me...At least until "insert next overhyped game here" comes out.

This is a stupid satire post that came into my stupid mind, and is not to be taken seriously in any way.

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15 points · 4 years ago

insert next overhyped game here

If Ubisoft does The Division like they did Watch_dogs, I might start breaking things.

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What was bad about Watch_Dogs? I only played a bit of it, but two of my friends played and beat it, and they enjoyed it.

level 3

I'm with you on this. Got watch dogs and it was exactly what I thought it was going to be like. GTA with hacking

level 4

Right? That's what it looked like. That's what I expected, and that's what I got. And it was fun as hell.

level 5

When I tell people I played this shit out of it. They ask me "why? It was terrible". I still have no idea what they thought was bad about it

level 6

Probably cause you couldn't spawn a tank and fly it or something.

Or could you?

level 7

Hm, you might have been able to..I don't think so though.

level 7

Holy shit this all I'd ever do in GTA 3. Spawn tank, put on moon gravity or whatever, spam tank cannon behind me and fly to different islands haha

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im really hoping the division learns from the mistakes of Bungie. That game has some serious potential

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9 points · 4 years ago

The joke is on you: PS3 player that didn't buy into the hype, realizes no game is going to be perfect (ever), doesn't care for cutscenes, and has enjoyed every minute of this game.

My only complaint is that they're nerfing weapons because of PvP when this game is clearly designed to be a PvE epic.

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Kinda how I feel it has it goods and bads, but atm I feel the MMO part of the game is really underwhelming story/epicness whise, if i look at how vanilla wow quest were 9 years ago yeah a lot of them were kill enemies pick up there stuff but at least there was some variation escort a guy through a dungeon heal some hurt soldiers. Most importantly there sometimes was some stuff hapening after you finished a quest. First time I killed Draxis I would like to hang his head somewhere in the tower as a triumph over the fallen even starcraft has more feeling of progress when playing through the campaign compared to the stuff hapening here. PvP is amazing though and i love the fact that i can costumize my characters on looks and or stats. and with that add some minor influence to my playstyle by changing the cooldowns. That and tehre is some pretty cool stuff in the future hell i Cant wait for crotas end or the new pvp events comming :)

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Damn escort missions would be awesome in destiny

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4 points · 4 years ago

It's not stupid at all; it's well put together and best of all true.

(I went to stage 5 pretty quickly, personally, and am still there).

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I'm at 5, I know this game wasn't what it was supposed to be (blaming Activision on this one). It's still a great game and I hope I can stick around long enough to see if it realizes it's full potential. Not much else I can do but that or leave.

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I think I skipped 2-4. Pretty okay with that. (I realize this was satire but only the truth is funny)

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hilariously true.

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That "Cortaaanaaaa" cracked me up and made me think of this video.

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6. "Its Activision's fault"

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Idk if it's stupid, I'd say it's pretty spot on for a lot of people

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I never bought into the Hype, I didn't even buy Destiny, a friend got it for me as a random gift. Still, I'm pretty content staying in the anger stage.

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Stuck at 2. Not angry though, I just know we got fucked over by someone

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Sadly, most of this sub is still stuck on stage 1.

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I'm stuck on 4.

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0 points · 4 years ago

Very very accurate, I'm waiting for AW :D


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